Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Baby Food

Even after having 2 other kids I find myself doing things differently.  I worked with my first child and never thought about making baby food. I just bought many,many little jars weekly.  With my second I stayed home from work, but still never thought about making baby food.  Now I am going back to work I find myself making my own baby food for my 3rd.  It is so easy and no little jars to rinse and recycle! 

This weekend I went to the farmers market to purchase my fresh organic veggies.  I bought carrots, green beans, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.  I came home and went to work.  After steaming all veggies I pureed them in my little food processor with a bit of water to a smooth texture.  Then I place spoonfuls into new, cleaned ice trays.  After frozen I popped the cubes out into freezer bags and now I am set for a many meals.  It was quick, cheep, and kinda fun.

Guess I will have to have another baby just to master this new skill :)

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Jen said...

what's one more baby?? Do it!!